About the Founder:  David Leeds, USAF (Vet.)
David Leeds is an entrepreneur from San Diego, CA who served as an Officer in the United States Air Force.  Having worked hundreds of hours on night shift, David sought a solution to cover his windows to block sunlight during the day.  Realizing curtains and blinds have not been upgraded to store or produce energy, he found another window covering solution.

Tesla Glass LLC was created to advance window technology and eventually use the funds to turn all windows into energy storing sources.  Currently, Tesla Glass LLC is in the first generation and after many installations, David discovered the current best use is in bathrooms and offices.  

Within the next 10 years, David plans to integrate transparent solar cells, find a solution to make Tesla Glass operate without a wall outlet, and 100% blackout the sun to aid night shift workers.   The more money my company makes, the more money I have to reinvest in R&D, experiments, and talented staff.  This means that the more money my company makes, the more value I can add to other peoples lives.  It’s not about greed, it’s about service.
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